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Laboratory tests

laboratory tests

As part of the contract, we offer you the organisation of the collection centre, the collection of the tests, the delivery of the results and the support of our employees.

As part of the contract we offer:

  • Organisation of a collection point
    We provide free of charge equipment of a laboratory test collection point with a safe, closed, vacuum blood collection system.
    We provide our clients with their own referral forms with a barcode generated individually for each client.
    We also provide training for medical personnel on the proper system of collecting material for tests and filling in referrals and marking tubes.
  • Collection of material for tests
    We guarantee free collection of material for tests on freely selected days of the week, Monday to Friday, based on our own courier network.
    Transport of test tubes to the laboratory is carried out in accordance with the principles of transporting biological material. The material is transported in special isothermal packaging.
  • Delivery ofresults
    We provide fast and free delivery of results in your preferred form: by fax, e-mail, post or courier. We provide you with a specialised software programme - Results - for on-line results collection every day of the week, 24 hours a day - within just a few hours of collecting the material.
    Regardless of the on-line collection, we provide you with printed test results.
    We immediately send results treated as citations or in situations indicating a threat to patient's life and health by e-mail, fax or telephone.
  • Substantive support
    For the sake of our clients, the Laboratory staff and the Quality Officer provide substantive consultations related to the tests performed.
For detailed information on the offer and the terms and conditions of the cooperation agreement, please contact:

Małgorzata Nieścior
tel. 81 53 613 42; mobile +48 606 67 14 02,
Subscription care for companies