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Your patients have at their disposal digitalised X-ray laboratories equipped with the latest generation of cameras.

Your patients have at their disposal digital X-ray laboratories equipped with the latest generation cameras for taking pictures:

  • chest
  • bones: spine, skull, limb bones, pelvis, clavicle, scapula, joints, sinuses
  • abdominal surveys
  • mammography
  • pantomogram
  • point-of-care dental radiographs

Thanks to the use of digital technology, we offer you images of the highest diagnostic quality at low emission rates.

The obtained images are viewed by radiologists on specialised medical diagnostic monitors. Dedicated software enables appropriate image processing - zooming, magnifying, contrasting, highlighting selected areas. This allows us to obtain a much more accurate and detailed description.

You can retrieve the results of examinations performed digitally using a special e-Results programme. The downloaded test description can be attached to the patient's electronic records without the need to assign its content to a card. The images are available at any time after logging in to the programme. Thus, they are available even if the patient forgets to bring the film.

A professional quality control programme has been implemented in all laboratories, guaranteeing the highest quality of imaging, which increases the precision of image analysis and thus the accuracy of diagnosis.

Patients can use the Luxmed X-ray laboratory:

  • in Lublin at Radziwiłłowska 5,
    Królewska 11, Zwycięska 6A, Koncertowa 4D and Orkana 7
  • in Chelm at 12 Plac Kupiecki Street
  • in Biłgoraj at ul. Kościuszki 50 and Pojaska 3
  • in Zamość at 3 Pocztowa Street
For detailed information on the offer and the terms and conditions of the cooperation agreement, please contact:

Małgorzata Nieścior
tel. 81 53 613 42; mobile +48 606 67 14 02,
Subscription care for companies