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Rehabilitation services

Physical therapy uses natural physical factors or factors produced by various devices for therapeutic purposes. The factors used in therapy are usually: temperature (heat, cold), light, currents, magnetic field. Physical therapy is used for rehabilitative, curative or preventive purposes.

Short-wave diathermy/therapy - new

Treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, spinal degeneration, frostbite, post-traumatic conditions, pain syndromes, fractures,...


Shockwave rehabilitation treatments give very good results in treating pain and restoring mobility in chronic musculoskeletal disorders and calcifications....

High energy laser (HIL)

High-energy laser strongly stimulates the body's natural ability to regenerate in the event of inflammation (injuries, surgeries), significantly supports the work of the lymphatic system...

laser therapy
Laser therapy

It is a percutaneous, painless and safe treatment. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects. Regen...


These are high-frequency mechanical vibrations. Ultrasound produces a gentle vibrating massage with a particular effect on...

electrotherapy (currents)
Electrotherapy (currents)

Direct current and low and medium frequency pulsed currents are used for treatment. Among the electro-therapeutic treatments ...


It involves the application of an alternating magnetic field that permeates all parts of the human body evenly. It kills...

Carbon dioxide cryotherapy

Cryotherapy involves applying low temperatures to the surface of the body, in the order of minus 80-100 degrees Celsius. The treatment lasts ...

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen allows for local cooling of the body for rheumatoid diseases, injuries (sprains, twists, fractures, tendon tears), discopathy, swelling, burns

sollux lamp
Sollux lamp

A photo-therapeutic treatment which uses infrared radiation, which is sent through one of the filters - red or blue.