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Passive redressive exercises

These exercises are used to stretch contracted periarticular tissues. The factors that favour the formation of contractures of periarticular tissues and impairment of joint mobility are injuries of muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, inflammatory changes in the joint, long-term immobilisation, disruption of the muscle balance between agonists and antagonists, damage to the central and peripheral nervous system (paresis, paralysis), and pain that forces the patient to immobilise the joint.

Purpose of the exercise:

  • change from passive to active movement in muscles where pathological changes exclude such possibilities
  • delay the progression of degenerative changes
  • prevention of joint contractures and stiffness
  • prevention of stasis oedema
  • facilitating blood and lymph circulation
  • prevention of pressure sores
  • maintenance of proprioceptive sensation and motor memory


  • as exercises to prepare the limbs for movement after long immobilisation
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • early stage of myocardial infarction
  • paralysis and muscular paresis
  • after surgery
  • increased spasticity of muscles
  • non-fixed restrictions of mobility of the joint
  • poor soft tissue trophics
  • the need to maintain sufficient length and flexibility in muscles


  • acute inflammation of joints
  • inflammation of periarticular tissues
  • inflammation of veins
  • temperature over 38°
  • fractures, post-traumatic conditions
  • conditions after dislocation
  • broken skin and soft tissue continuity
  • occurrence of pain during exercise
  • conditions after surgery before removal of stitches (consult your doctor)
  • diastolic blood pressure over 100 and systolic blood pressure over 160 (measured at rest)
  • general seriousness of the patient's condition
  • state after computed tomography with contrast
  • condition after lower lumbar puncture (e.g. collecting cerebrospinal fluid)

A referral is required for the exercises.

    • Passive redressive exercises
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