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General fitness exercises

These are exercises that affect the entire human body.


  • maintaining and strengthening muscle strength
  • preservation of full range of motion in the joints and full muscle length
  • improvement of circulation
  • maintenance of good respiratory and nervous system function with emphasis on prevention and correction of posture defects
  • promotes the development of general muscle strength, flexibility and elasticity
  • overcoming fear and resistance to more difficult exercise elements


  • Stabilisation and lowering of blood pressure
  • reducing the risk of heart attack
  • prevention of bone sagging (in osteoporosis)
  • blood sugar compensation in type two diabetes
  • correcting faulty posture
  • weight reduction

Exercises take place in a gym equipped with exercise equipment such as:

  • cycle ergometer (cycloergometer)
  • balls for rehabilitation exercises
  • rehabilitation ladders (for general physical exercises and corrective gymnastics)
  • Thera-band


  • acute inflammation of joints
  • inflammation of periarticular tissues
  • inflammation of veins
  • temperature over 38°
  • fractures, post-traumatic conditions
  • conditions after dislocation
  • broken skin and soft tissue continuity
  • occurrence of pain during exercise
  • conditions after surgery before removal of stitches (consult your doctor)
  • diastolic blood pressure over 100 and systolic blood pressure over 160 (measured at rest)
  • general seriousness of the patient's condition
  • state after computed tomography with contrast
  • condition after lower lumbar puncture (e.g. collecting cerebrospinal fluid)

A referral is required for the exercises.

    • General fitness exercises
    • PLN 30.00.