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Paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy - NDT Bobath

It is a concept for the improvement treatment of infants and children with impaired motor development. It is mainly applied to premature babies, infants and older children with neurological, orthopaedic, genetic disorders and children with delayed development.

The essence of the concept is an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems of a child/patient with motor dysfunction resulting from damage to the central nervous system, taking into account his/her personality, cognitive abilities and environmental barriers affecting his/her ability to participate in everyday life.

  • The basis of therapy is a thorough analysis of the patient's problems, taking into account the quality of movement, identification of primary problems and secondary disorders, development of an improvement plan and the application of appropriate support and stimulation techniques, which will release useful and necessary movements in everyday life. During the work, the therapist pays attention to the quality of the movements, their variety, muscle tension, ability to perform antigravity movements.
  • The therapist exercises the child's whole body instead of moving selected limbs. In this way he/she provides the appropriate sensory and motor experience. The movement assistance should be such that it ensures the maximum and active participation of the child and at the same time does not evoke incorrect responses due to too much effort or stress.

The therapy plan is tailored to the needs and abilities of each child.

The use of the NDT method with children can easily be incorporated into care routines (carrying, changing, feeding, dressing, playing) and the daily care of the child.

The therapist works closely with the child's parents, teaching them how to exercise and how to behave. Early intervention prevents the consolidation and dominance of abnormal movement patterns that hinder or stop the child's further development.

No referral is required for treatment.

    • NDT - Bobath method
    • PLN 150.00.