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Paediatric physiotherapy

Consultation with a paediatric physiotherapist

Consultation with a paediatric physiotherapist

During the consultation the physiotherapist makes a functional assessment of the child: he observes the way the child moves, the quality of the movements, the positioning of the body, evaluates the muscle tone and its changes during the activities. Appropriate stimulation of the child's body inhibits undesirable reflexes, and in their place physiological movement patterns appear, which enable the child to develop correctly.

The service is dedicated to children with abnormalities such as:

  • Muscle tension disorders,
  • Delay in psychomotor development,
  • Incidence of birth defects,
  • Asymmetry of body alignment (e.g. torticollis).

The advice is also aimed at parents of healthy babies who want to assess the development of their newborn baby and learn how to stimulate and support it.

We can enrol both a child with identified functional abnormalities and a healthy child, with the aim of stimulating their normal development.

Referrals issued by a physiotherapist:

  • A physiotherapist can make a referral for rehabilitation treatment for children,
  • A physiotherapist cannot give referrals for diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or CT scans. To do so, you need to see a doctor of medicine.
    • Consultation with a paediatric physiotherapist
    • PLN 150.00.