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Paediatric physiotherapy

Newborn care instruction

Newborn care instruction

During the visit, the paediatric physiotherapist teaches the parents how to perform the individual care tasks correctly. The correct nursing helps to stimulate the child's development. The activities that parents repeatedly perform during the day when caring for their child (carrying, feeding, changing, dressing) naturally provide the child with stimulation that shapes its sensorimotor skills.

Parents learn, among other things:

  • How to lift the baby, which way to carry the baby so that it is safe and healthy,
  • How to nurse a small baby so as not to disturb its natural psychomotor development (ways of rolling the baby on its side, stomach, changing its nappy),
  • How to dress and undress properly,
  • What playtime to choose for an infant of several months to be cognitively and motor developmental,
  • How to feed an infant.

No referral is required for treatment.

    • Newborn care instruction
    • PLN 150.00.