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Paediatric physiotherapy

Tri-plane foot therapy

Tri-plane foot therapy

A specially developed method based on neurophysiological principles to support normal motor development.
In the course of the therapy, the applied holds and exercises are recommended to parents for regular repetition at home.
To consolidate the therapy, functional foot bandaging is used, which does not impede natural limb movements.
The therapy often avoids surgical intervention, immobilisation in splints or plaster casts.

The therapy takes about 4-5 meetings, every 2 weeks.

Indications for tri-plane manual foot therapy treatment:

  • Equinus foot,
  • Spotted foot,
  • Serpentine foot,
  • Heel foot,
  • Flat foot,
  • A hallux valgus foot.

No referral is required for treatment.

    • Tri-plane foot therapy
    • PLN 120.00.