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Rehabilitation services

Manual therapy (mobilisations)
Manual therapy (mobilisations)

It is a method of manual mobilisation, particularly of the spine and joints, which aims to restore function and eliminate restrictions of mobility...

Sinus therapy
Sinus therapy - new

The aim of the therapy is to alleviate pain and unblock the sinuses. The treatment uses manual techniques such as lymphatic drainage, manipulation, trigger point therapy...


Osteopathy is mainly based on a very precise determination of the cause of ailments that disrupt the proper functioning of our body...

Paediatric physiotherapy
Paediatric physiotherapy

Therapy of premature babies, infants and children with muscular tone disorders, body asymmetry, neurological and orthopaedic disorders and...

Urogynaecological physiotherapy
Urogynaecological physiotherapy - new

Urogynaecological physiotherapy deals with all kinds of pelvic problems. Its main aim is to restore the normal tensions in the pelvic area...


Massage is a form of rest and relaxation for the body. It makes the skin firmer, healthier and more supplied with blood. Often, in addition to its relaxing function, a massage also has a therapeutic function...

Individual gymnastics using the PNF method

PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is a method that has its own philosophy and principles of working with patients


Kinesitherapy uses movement as a therapeutic measure. It is most often used in all kinds of diseases and dysfunctions of the locomotor system - back pain, posture defects, after a stroke, heart attack, rheumatoid diseases or before childbirth...

physical therapy
Physical therapy

Physical therapy uses natural physical agents or agents produced by various devices for therapeutic purposes. The factors used in therapy are usually...

kinesiotaping - elastic tape

Kinesiotaping is a technique in which a special elastic tape (plaster) is applied to the appropriate place on the body ....

Visceral therapy

Manual therapy of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity aims to restore their correct tension, flexibility and mobility. Working through the internal organ system, which has numerous anatomical and functional connections...