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Rehabilitation Lublin - rehabilitation procedures - CM Luxmed

Private treatment

Private physiotherapy treatments are carried out on the basis of a physiotherapy order, which the patient receives during the advice of a physiotherapist specialist or a doctor's order...

Procedures included in the subscription

Are you interested in rehabilitation under private health insurance?

Treatment under the National Health Fund

Services covering comprehensive physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system, particularly for orthopaedic indications (following injury, surgery or chronic illness), as well as neurological indications, rheumatological...

Rehabilitation services

We offer professional rehabilitation services of the highest quality, performed by qualified physiotherapists. We take an individual approach to each patient, choosing a comprehensive therapy based on experience and specialised courses.


The staff of the rehabilitation department are experienced and committed specialists who deepen their knowledge during numerous additional trainings. Thanks to this knowledge, each patient's recovery process is optimised...