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Services provided under contract with the National Health Fund

Family doctor NFZ
Primary health care

POZ outpatient clinic services are provided to insured persons who have chosen a doctor, nurse and midwife by submitting an appropriate declaration at CM Luxmed.

Prevention programmes

Breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention programmes. Check your eligibility for free examinations under the agreement with the National Health Fund...

nfz specialist clinics
Specialist advice NFZ

Check where and which specialist clinics you can use under the agreement with the National Health Fund...


Insured patients can take advantage of free dental services guaranteed by the National Health Fund.


These services include comprehensive physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system, especially for orthopaedic indications (after injuries, operations or chronic illnesses), as well as for neurological indications, rheumatological...

Home hospice

CM Luxmed provides comprehensive free assistance to patients in the last stage of cancer. Patients are qualified for care by hospice doctors.