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Travel medicine

travel medicine

Travel medicine services

Every journey, regardless of its nature, has its impact on the human body. This is why CM Luxmed has opened a new Travel Medicine Centre - one of the few such centres in south-eastern Poland - for people who change their permanent place of stay for a short or longer period of time.

At the Travel Medicine Centre we provide the following services:

  • Immunization (performance and eligibility),
  • Antimalarial prophylaxis,
  • Provision of advice by a travel doctor on appropriate behaviour during travel as well as during the stay in the destination country,
  • Providing information on prevention of infectious diseases and selection of necessary immunizations,
  • Advice for the chronically ill, pregnant women, mothers with young children, elderly people on how best to endure the hardships of travel,
  • Performing tests imposed by the destination country including HIV testing,
  • Recommendations for equipping a travel kit,
  • Issuing of appropriate documents proving that vaccinations have been carried out, including an international vaccination certificate, the so-called "yellow booklet yellow booklet
  • Health assessment on arrival from an exotic trip,