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Research for employment

The Occupational Medicine Act imposes an obligation on the employer to provide preventive health care to employees.

  • Occupational health examinations are carried out on the basis of a referral from the employer.
  • If you wish to have a check-up (after a sick leave of more than 30 days), you must have a 'Medical certificate' from the treating doctor.
  • If you wear glasses or lenses to the preventive examinations, please bring with you:
    - your glasses or a copy of the current glasses you wear
    - if you wear lenses, bring your own solution and case to remove your lenses for the examination
  • If you are a pensioner or have a degree of disability, you must have a 'medical certificate' (from your family doctor or specialist) stating for which condition your pension or degree of disability has been decided.

Tests can be performed at the following facilities:

  • Lublin, ul. Królewska 11

    - Telephone reservation - tel. 81 536 15 15

    - Online reservation: Book an appointment for work-related tests

  • Kraśnik, 56A Lubelska St.
  • Biłgoraj, ul. Kościuszki 50
  • Chełm, 12 Kupiecki Square
employee surveys
Referral for examination

Preventive examinations for employees are carried out on the basis of a referral issued by the employer.

questionnaire - employee survey
Compulsory patient questionnaire

An employee who goes for a preventive medical check-up should have a special questionnaire filled in, in which he provides information on, among other things, his current state of health...

Occupational Medicine - Scope of examination
Scope of occupational health examinations

You can choose various options from the offer of Luxmed Medical Centre, depending on the current needs of your company.

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