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Sports medicine

sports medicine

The contemporary function of sports medicine includes health prevention in a broad sense. It aims to maintain or improve health and to exploit the effects of physical activity on the body. Sports medicine serves professional and amateur athletes by providing medical protection, prevention and support for sports training.

Sports medicine services offered:

  • Introductory examinations (examinations for people starting to practise a specific sport),
  • Periodic examinations (health checks for athletes, repeated every 12 months),
  • Follow-up examinations (these are examinations related to injuries and illnesses sustained),
  • Issuing of decisions and certificates,
  • Qualification for individual disciplines,
  • Comprehensive laboratory and diagnostic tests,
  • Specialist consultations,
  • Rehabilitation treatments.

The scope of medical examinations, additional examinations and specialist consultations depends on the type of sport practiced, the type of examination (preliminary, periodic or control) and the athlete's state of health.

Tests shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions in force.

List of tests for specific sports.
The search engine allows you to see what type of examination and medical consultation your preventive examination will include. This makes it easier for you to estimate the time needed to see a sports medicine doctor and to prepare for the examination.