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pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentist

Paediatric dentistry (paedodontics) involves appropriate preparation of the young patient and a proper conduct of the adaptation visit. These are extremely important factors shaping the child's later attitude towards dental treatment.

Education of parents plays an important role, and we ask them to have a conversation with their child before the first appointment to explain the purpose and course of the visit to the dentist.

  • We perform all dental procedures on children,
  • We set up an individual treatment plan and preventive treatments, tailored to your child's needs,
  • We provide prophylaxis of caries of deciduous and permanent teeth, prophylaxis of malocclusion and teaching of correct oral hygiene,
  • If traditional treatment is necessary we use coloured fillings -twinky star- and let the child choose the colour of the filling himself,
  • Treating children's teeth requires a doctor with a unique approach and skills, which is why we have dentists with extensive experience in this field.

Treating deciduous teeth and preventing their premature loss is extremely important in preventing malocclusion of permanent teeth. By observing the schedule of control visits and recommendations concerning the maintenance of proper oral hygiene we protect our youngest patients from painful experiences and complicated treatment in adult life.

  • PRICE LIST - Pediatric dentistry
    • Prices are set according to the size of the dental cavities and the dental materials used.