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Dental services



Orthodontics specialises in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malocclusion and dental irregularities. Orthodontic appliances correct gaps between teeth, crowding of teeth, underdevelopment of the jaw and other malocclusions. It does not matter how old you are - any age is good to cure malocclusion.

Modern orthodontics offers different types of braces:

  • Fixed braces - They are used both in children and adults. The braces are attached to teeth by gluing so-called metal or cosmetic brackets. It is necessary to come for a check-up every 4-5 weeks. Then the doctor checks the position of teeth and activates the braces.

    Ceramic or crystal braces - Nowadays, for aesthetic reasons, patients can choose brackets and arches which are less visible. The colour harmonises with the natural colour of teeth, thanks to which they are not as conspicuous as metal brackets.
  • Corrective (removable) braces - recommended mostly for children aged 6 to 12 years. Wearing them improves the position of teeth and jaws in relation to each other, widens dental arches, preparing the place for permanent teeth. The effectiveness of such treatment depends on the cooperation of the child and parents with the doctor.

  • PRICE LIST - Orthodontics
    • Fixed braces with metal brackets 1 arch
    • 1800.00 zł
    • Fixed appliance with porcelain (ceramic) brackets 1 arch
    • 3000.00 zł
    • Fixed braces with crystal brackets 1 arch
    • from 3,000.00 PLN
    • Removable braces
    • 700.00 zł