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Dental services



Prosthetics deals with the replacement of single and multiple missing teeth. The loss of even one tooth is not indifferent to the entire masticatory system. Failure to replace missing teeth can lead to shifting and rotation of teeth adjacent to the gap, to the protrusion of opposing teeth and to bone atrophy, and can also cause abnormalities in the temporomandibular joints.

As part of our prosthetic services we offer:

  • A full range of dental restorations,
  • Crowns and bridges made of the best quality materials, with exceptional precision, are a comfortable solution for patients missing one or several teeth,
  • Modern solutions for missing multiple teeth. Perfectly fitting dentures made of new, also flexible materials ensure comfortable use and bring a very nice cosmetic effect.

  • prosthetics - dentures, bridges, crowns
  • PRICE LIST - Prosthetics
    • Prosthetic consultation
      50 zł
    • Prices are set depending on the missing teeth, the type of prosthetic work and the materials used.