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Scaling of teeth - removal of tartar

Tartar is a mineralised layer of plaque, i.e. a sticky and colourless layer of bacteria and carbohydrates that constantly forms on teeth and is the main cause of cavities and gum disease.

  • Tartar is not only a threat to teeth and gums, but also a cosmetic problem. The porous surface of the mineralised plaque layer is easily discoloured by tea, coffee or nicotine, forming darker borders at the gum surface (supragingival calculus),
  • However, the more dangerous is the stone hidden under the gums, because it can cause inflammation and consequently lead to parodontosis,
  • We recommend ultrasonic tartar removal. The treatment performed with this method cleans teeth perfectly and protects them from decay,
  • Scaling is complemented by sludge removal (sandblasting),
  • The treatment is supplemented with teeth varnishing with a special preparation,
  • Treatments applied systematically give an excellent cosmetic effect.
  • PRICE LIST - Scaling
    • Treatment price
    • 150 zł