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Dental services

caries prophylaxis

Caries prophylaxis

Prophylaxis of caries in deciduous and permanent teeth is aimed at protecting teeth against the development of caries. Depending on the type and location of teeth we use sealing, varnishing and lapis.

  • We perform tooth sealing and varnishing to strengthen and protect the enamel from harmful bacteria,
  • Tooth sealingand varnishing is a proven way of preventing tooth decay not only in children but also in adults,
  • In order to stop caries of milk teeth we use lapis.

Prevention of caries, especially of deciduous teeth, is of great importance for permanent dentition and correct occlusion.

  • PRICE LIST - Caries prevention
    • Varnishing of all permanent teeth
    • 80.00 zł
    • Lapisis of deciduous teeth in ranges 1-4
    • 42.00 zł
    • Lapisis of deciduous teeth in more than 4 teeth
    • 54.00 zł
    • Sealing of 1 tooth
    • 80.00 zł