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Dental services

sandblasting of teeth


Toothsandblasting (deposit removal) is one of the basic cosmetic and preventive procedures. It consists in removing all deposits from teeth with the use of the so-called sandblaster, i.e. a special device which directs a stream of dental sand onto teeth.

  • Sandblasting can be a stand-alone treatment when there is only plaque on the teeth or a complementary treatment for scalping,
  • A comprehensive dental cleaning usually includes both procedures and is necessary before teeth whitening,
  • Systematic removal of plaque by sandblasting allows to achieve the effect of shiny, well-groomed teeth.

The procedure of tooth sandblasting, apart from its aesthetic importance, also has a prophylactic function - it protects against the development of caries.

  • PRICE LIST - Sandblasting
    • Treatment price
    • 150 zł