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Zarezerwuj termin na badania laboratoryjne
Wybierz dogodny termin oraz godzinę i zapisz się na badania laboratoryjne online lub telefonicznie. Usługa dostępna w placówkach w Chełmie i Krasnymstawie. Zobacz więcej »

luxmed laboratory

We offer a wide range of laboratory tests. In addition to basic tests, we also perform highly specialised tests, which are undertaken only by the most advanced laboratories in Poland.

IMPORTANT: You need to prepare yourself properly for the laboratory tests. Information is included with each test.

For information on being fasted:

  • The patient must be at least 12 hours after eating their last meal.
  • In summer (applies to all patients) about 30 minutes before the examination it is advisable to drink a glass of water or bitter (unsweetened) tea.
  • For children and the elderly (irrespective of the time of year), a glass of water or bitter (unsweetened) tea is recommended about 30 minutes before the examination.
Quality and Competence

Luxmed Medical Centre Diagnostic Laboratory is a modern facility offering its patients services at the highest level. We ensure the highest quality of our tests...

Research Groups

Laboratory tests sorted into thematic groups

Full list of studies

All laboratory tests performed in Luxmed in alphabetical order

Study packages

For the convenience of our patients we have prepared special examination packages for people of all ages

Collection of material for tests at the patient's home

A service that allows diagnostic tests to be taken without leaving home for health or age reasons (children or elderly people)...

Search Research

The test search engine allows you to quickly check the availability of a test, the price, the importance of the test or how to prepare the patient