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Semen examination (basic scope)

  • Lublin, 5 Radziwiłłowska Street
    • Semen examination (basic scope)
    • 70.00 PLN

Location: Hours:
Lublin, 5 Radziwiłłowska Street Mon: 12.00-17:30Tue: 7:15-11:45Wed: 12.00-17:30Thurs: 7:15-11:45amFri: 11.00-13:45Sat: 8:00-10:45 am
Information about the study

Material: semen

Price of examination: 70.00 PLN

Result waiting time: result the next working day at the latest


  • Preparation for the test
Detailed for men:
  • The patient should be healthy. A cold and especially an elevated temperature will affect the semen test result.
  • Before donating semen for testing, the patient should be sexually abstinent for 2 to 7 days (optimal 3-4 days, but no longer than 7 days) and alcohol abstinent for 2 to 7 days (minimum 2 days).
  • It is advisable to donate semen on site. It is possible to deliver the semen in a sterile container or a container for urine analysis (no more than 1 hour after donation, transported at body temperature - important!).
  • Antibiotic treatment affects the semen test result. The patient should wait min. 2 weeks after the last dose of antibiotics.
  • The material for examination shall be obtained by masturbation. Ejaculate cannot be obtained by intercourse or from a condom. Semen shall be collected directly into a disposable container obtained at the point of collection.
  • The material can only be brought and returned to the facility located in Lublin at 5 Radziwiłłowska Street during the designated hours.
  • Important
After a vasectomy, semen testing can only be done on a basic basis.
  • Description
The examination includes an assessment of the physico-chemical and biophysical properties of the semen, microscopic evaluation of the sperm - structure, percentage and type of movement of the sperm.
The aim of the study is to assess the fertilising capacity of the male.
The examination is performed according to WHO standards/standards.
  • Development and preparation of material Show