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Computerised visual field testing (binocular)

  • Lublin, Zwycięska Street 6A
    • Computerised visual field testing (binocular)
    • 60.00 PLN

  • Chelm, Plac Kupiecki 12
    • Computerised visual field testing (binocular)
    • 60.00 PLN

Information about the study
Reservation of date
Required - e-booking
Indicated, but not absolutely required.
Age range
Pacjenci powyżej 7 roku życia, którzy potrafią współpracować z osobą przeprowadzającą badanie.
Waiting time for the result
The result is available immediately after the test.
  • For the examination you should take with you Glasses (if the patient uses them).
  • Computer-assisted visual field testing should not be performed after eye examination with with pupil-dilating drugs.
  • The examination requires a great deal of attention and concentration on the part of the patient. Field The visual field is determined on the basis of Patient's reaction to visual The visual field is determined by the patient's reaction to the visual stimuli each time the reaction button is pressed.
  • The patient remains motionless during the examination, gazing at a single point. In case of neurological disorders, consisting of involuntary body movements, trembling, obtaining a reliable result may be may be difficult or impossible to obtain a reliable result.
  • The length of the examination depends on the Patient's cooperation and reaction time. The patient is carefully instructed on the course of the examination by the person performing the examination.
Description of the study
During the computer vision examination, the patient indicates the presence of wandering points of light on the perimeter bowl by clicking on the reaction button. The result obtained in the form of a computer printout indicates the presence of any defects in the visual field. Computer visual field examination computer visual field examination is a test allowing to assess the progress of the disease in the case of glaucoma, as well as it is a test helping to diagnose many neurological neurological diseases. The duration is adapted to the needs of the Patient's needs and reaction time to visual stimuli - the average time time is about 20 minutes.

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