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Advice on diabetic foot treatment - the next visit

  • Lublin, Zwycięska Street 6A
    • Advice on diabetic foot treatment - the next visit
    • 350.00 PLN

Information about the study
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Description of the study
The treatment of wounds and ulcers in diabetes requires specific competencies related to operative medicine, diabetology, general internal medicine and neurology. Even properly treated diabetic foot syndrome often leads to necessary amputations. In case of too late treatment or no specialist treatment, the risk of amputation is even The risk of amputation is even greater with delayed or no specialist treatment and can lead to general complications such as systemic infection systemic infection (sepsis), which is a life-threatening condition. In these cases In such cases partial amputation is a life-saving measure.
The benefit includes:
  • diabetes consultation,
  • surgical intervention if necessary (wound debridement/processing) wound preparation),
  • prescribing medication to support the treatment of the diabetic foot,
  • advice on the use of specialist dressings and/or methods pressure relief,
  • advice on establishing contact with surgical teams for further surgical treatment,
  • nursing consultation.
This is treatment advice.