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Other examinations and treatments

Body composition analysis

  • Lublin, 4D Koncertowa Street
    • Body composition analysis
    • 20.00 PLN

  • Lublin, 7 Orkana Street
    • Body composition analysis
    • 20.00 PLN

Information about the study
Reservation of date
Required - e-booking
Not required
Age range
Patients aged 15 and over
Waiting time for the result
The result is available immediately after the test.
  • The patient should arrive for the examination well-rested.
  • Report fasting (at least 3 hours), do not drink at least 2 hours before the measurement.
  • During the day before the examination you should not drink fluids fluids containing caffeine (coffee, strong tea, energy drink) or alcohol.
  • It is not advisable to perform the examination immediately after physical exertion, directly after a bath, swimming or a visit to the sauna - the examination may be performed about 1 hour after the exertion.
  • The measurement is performed by bare feet.
  • Remove mobile phone or similar devices from pocket during measurement devices from your pocket.
  • Subsequent measurements shall be made under similar conditions (camera time of day, etc.).
Description of the study
Analiza składu ciała obejmuje pomiar masy ciała, zawartości tkanki tłuszczowej (kg, %), beztłuszczowej masy ciała, masy tkanek miękkich, kości, wody całkowitej w organizmie, podstawowej przemiany materii oraz oszacowanie wskaźnika masy ciała BMI, wskaźnika tłuszczu trzewnego i  wieku metabolicznego.
Analizę wykonuje się celem oceny postępu kuracji odchudzającej, dostosowania do treningów sportowych, rozpoznania kondycji i stanu organizmu z oceną wieku metabolicznego.
Czas trwania badania: około 5 min
Do not measure:
  • in pregnant women;
  • in people with epilepsy;
  • people with metal implants, e.g. pacemakers, stents, metal sutures in the heart, other large implants, endoprostheses;
  • In patients with implanted devices transmitting an electrical signal, e.g. artificial heart, heart-lung;
  • in people using various types of electronic stimulators.

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