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Surgical procedures

Surgical procedures

We perform removal of skin lesions of different sizes in the skin of the trunk, face, scalp, soft tissues of the body. We perform removal of lesions also with features of oncological concern. Excised lesion is subjected to histopathological evaluation.

The patient is given a consent form to sign and completes the necessary information regarding the epidemiological history.

Removal of warts

We carry out surgical removal of common, sole, flat (juvenile), seborrhoeic (senile) viral warts.

Removal of nevi

We perform procedures for the removal of vascular nevi (hemangioma, vascular granuloma), epidermal pigmented nevi, cellular pigmented nevi.

Removal of skin tumours

We perform removal of lipomas - benign tumours of connective tissue - single or multiple, removal of skin tumours - cystic masses, soft tissue fibromas

Incision and drainage of a skin lesion

We carry out incision and drainage procedures for boils, abscesses, stasis, atrophy, haematoma and other lesions requiring this type of intervention.

Treatment of an ingrown toenail

We perform surgical treatment of the ingrown nail. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic.

Nail plate removal

We perform surgical removal of the nail plate...

Removal of a foreign body from the skin

We perform the removal of foreign bodies (splinter, metal filing, other), except for the removal of a foreign body from the eye.

Removal of the tick

We offer treatments to remove ticks implanted deep into the skin, tick fragments after accidental detachment.