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Prenatal tests

prenatal tests nfz

Prenatal tests

The purpose of prenatal testing is to determine the likelihood of a chromosomal defect. The tests can be carried out by any pregnant woman.

Indications for prenatal tests

  • Maternal age over 35 (increased risk of having a baby with chromosomal trisomy, including Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome)
  • Birth of a child with a chromosomal abnormality in a previous pregnancy
  • At least one parent is a carrier of a chromosome aberration
  • One of the parents is a carrier of a monogenic recessive disorder (e.g. presence of a mutation in the CFTR gene, previous birth of a child with cystic fibrosis)
  • Presence of an autosomal dominant disease in the family (e.g. in one parent, sibling, or parent's sibling, e.g. achondroplasia)
  • Abnormal screening test results (PAPP-A) in a previous pregnancy
  • Ultrasound findings indicating abnormalities (e.g. abnormal nuchal fold, bladder cyst, hydrocephalus, kidney defects)
  • High risk of X-linked disease or metabolic errors (e.g. finding of maternal X-linked fragile X syndrome carrier in molecular tests)

PRINCIPAL indications for prenatal tests

  • Risk of CUN defect (previous child with neural tube defects)
  • Two or more spontaneous miscarriages (no cytogenetic testing available in both spouses)
  • Fetal sex determination in cases of increased risk of sex-linked recessive (X chromosome) disease
  • Patient's mental state (mother's anxiety)
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in a pregnant woman
  • Phenylketonuria in a pregnant woman
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