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Hearing tests

Noise characteristics

  • Lublin, 4D Koncertowa Street

Information about the study
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Age range
Pacjenci powyżej 7 roku życia, którzy potrafią współpracować z osobą przeprowadzającą badanie.
Waiting time for the result
The result is available immediately after the test.
Description of the study
The test is performed using earphones. The test evaluates acoustic parameters of tinnitus, i.e. intensity, pitch and masking noise. It is a subjective evaluation of the tinnitus perceived by the subjective evaluation of the tinnitus perceived by the patient. During the test the tester is asked to rate the noise he/she hears in relation to the noise that is presented to each ear by the screener.
  • determining the nature of the tinnitus,
  • assessment of the minimum level of noise masking.