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Laryngology - examinations and treatments

Laryngology - examinations and treatments

Videofiberoscopy of the tonsil (third tonsil)

Videofiberoscopy is a modern examination that allows precise examination of the nasopharynx, for hypertrophy of the third tonsil...

Videoendoscopy of the nose, throat and larynx (fibroscopy)

Videoendoscopy of the nose, throat, larynx consists of inserting a videofiberoscope into the lumen of the organ and viewing its interior. The examination is performed by an ENT doctor...

Videostroboscopy of the larynx (stroboscopic examination)

Videostroboscopy makes it possible to check the degree of tension, mobility and condition of the vocal cords and to detect changes in the larynx, including neoplastic...

Videootoscopy (endoscopic examination of the ear)

Videootoscopy involves inserting an otoscope into the ear canal and viewing the image on a monitor. It is the most accurate visual method of evaluating the eardrum and external ear structures...

Undercutting of the frenulum of the tongue

Tongue frenulum undercutting is a popular procedure used, among others, for infants and young children with sucking, feeding problems or an existing risk of a speech defect.

Politzer method for blowing out the ear trumpets

After clearing the nose and administering decongestant drops (Nasivin, Xylomethazolin) into the nose, the patient is asked to pronounce the words "Jacob", "cuckoo" or swallow liquid...