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Home Apnoea Test

What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is repeated pauses in breathing that occur during sleep and is associated with an emerging temporary airway obstruction. Episodic pauses in breathing are not a problem. However, you should be concerned if these occur repeatedly. Underestimating the symptoms of sleep apnoea can lead to very serious health problems.

How do you recognise nocturnal apnoea?

The first symptom that should draw your attention is loud, persistent snoring, disturbed by short pauses in breathing. Unconscious pausing of lung ventilation during the entire night rest cycle can be repeated up to several hundred times. And this in turn disrupts proper lung ventilation and results in hypoxia.

Take a Home Apnoea Test (polygraph) if you or your loved ones notice:

1. recurring symptoms when you sleep

  • loud, prolonged snoring
  • noticeable pauses in breathing
  • feeling of shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing during sleep
  • restless sleep
  • getting up frequently to go to the toilet

2. daytime symptoms

  • sleepiness despite having slept through the night
  • fatigue and lack of energy
  • headache when getting out of bed
  • concentration disorders
  • increased irritability

What can happen if you don't take treatment for sleep apnoea?

Improper oxygenation of the body resulting from disturbed, restless sleep can significantly affect the comfort of life, interpersonal relations, creativity and work efficiency. In turn, it may result in very serious diseases, such as: hypertension, heart diseases, heart attacks, strokes.

Why CPAP therapy?

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy is a simple and effective method of getting rid of all the symptoms of sleep apnoea. A significant improvement in the quality of life often occurs after the first two days of use. It is based on maintaining the right air pressure to prevent collapse of tissues that block the free flow of air.

You do not need to take medication or undergo surgery. A CPAP machine delivers a stream of air to prevent apnoea during sleep. It is fitted with a modern mask for comfort and freedom of movement.

Buy the Home Apnea Test
in any Luxmed outlet or e-Store

  • Objective of the study
    To diagnose or exclude sleep apnoea.

  • You do not need a referral
    You do not need a referral if you suspect that you are suffering from sleep apnoea because, for example, you are experiencing most of the symptoms that indicate this and you have not consulted your doctor.

  • You can get medical advice on diagnosing sleep disorders
    See a specialist if you are not sure if you have an apnoea problem.

  • You will receive the examination apparatus directly to your home
    After purchasing the service in Luxmed or e-Store, the device will be delivered by courier service DPD to your home and collected after the examination.

  • Course of the examination
    The test takes one night. At all times you will be under the care of the Patient Support Team, who will instruct you over the phone on how to prepare for the test, how to start and insert the device. The helpline will also check that the test has been carried out correctly.

  • You will receive the test result in a convenient form: online or in a Luxmed facility on the basis of a code received
    The result in the form of a report with an interpretation made by a doctor - a certified specialist in sleep disorders and instructions for further diagnostics and therapy, you will receive within 5 working days from the time the device is sent after the test.

  • What happens next if my sleep apnoea is confirmed?
    if you are diagnosed with sleep apnoea, you will receive a recommendation for further diagnosis and treatment

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