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Issuing copies of medical records

The e-Form is available after logging in to My Account

Important information - read before you apply

  • Requests for copies of medical records are accepted via e-Form or directly at the Registration Desk.
  • A copy of the medical records will be prepared within 14 working days of the request.
  • The records may be collected at any branch office of Luxmed Medical Centre. A copy of medical records is not sent by post or e-mail to the address provided by the Patient because it is impossible to verify the identity of the recipient and to protect the confidentiality of the mail.
  • A copy of the medical records will be issued to the Patient, the Patient's legal representative or an authorised person on the basis of verification of an identity document.
  • An authorised person is a person holding a notarial deed of authorisation or a person indicated by the Patient in a statement filled in personally by the Patient at the Direct Registration Desk.
  • In accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal and medical data, other types of authorisation will not be recognised, as their authenticity cannot be verified.
  • A fee is charged for issuing copies of medical records in accordance with Article 28 of the Act of 6 November 2008 on Patients' Rights and Patients' Rights Spokesman.
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