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Request for a certificate

Important information - read before you apply

  • Certificates of a non-medical nature are issued by the Branch Manager.
  • Applications are accepted directly at the Registration Desk.
  • Certificates are issued after two working days from the date of application, after 16:00 at the Registration Desk.
  • The cost of issuing a certificate is 50 PLN, the fee is charged when accepting an application. The following certificates are issued free of charge: placement on a waiting list for NFZ service, the doctor's lateness on a given day, a certificate that occupational medicine examinations have started.
  • The certificate will be issued to the Patient, his/her legal representative or a person who was authorised by the Patient in the application submitted in the application submitted to Luxmed Medical Centre or has a notarial authorisation, on the basis of presentation of an identity document.
  • Certificates of a medical nature are issued by a doctor during a specialist appointment.