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We examine ourselves in Chełm

40 PLUS prophylaxis in Chelm

On Saturday, 31 July, a health-promoting event was organised in Chełm's Kupieckie Square to encourage patients to be tested as part of the 'Profilaktyka 40 plus'programme .

As part of the action, participants could perform free of charge:

  • pressure measurement,
  • ECG
  • glucose testing
  • measurement of weight, height, waist circumference and calculation of body mass index (BMI)
Specialist consultations were also available: primary care doctor - dr. Dorota Tatarska-Jojczuk, a dietician mgr. Natalia Parulska and physiotherapeutic consultations.

Lyme disease prevention:

During the festivities, on the initiative of LZLR-P, there was an interesting lecture held by Prof. Agnieszka Pedrycz - Wieczorska on the prevention of Lyme disease.

  • The lecture was realised within the framework of the EU project "Lyme disease prevention among people from the Lubelskie Voivodeship".
  • In addition, preventive tests for Lyme disease could be carried out.

Tests and consultations were provided by CM Luxmed staff.

Moreover, NFZ employees helped to set up a trusted profile, an Internet Patient Account and issued EHIC cards. In addition, they provided information on the Prophylaxis 40 plus programme and assisted in filling in the questionnaire and obtaining e-referrals.
The event was very successful and interested patients.

We would like to remind you that the "Profilaktyka 40 PLUS" programme, launched on 1 July 2021, is one of the initiatives aimed at helping to rebuild the health of Poles after the epidemic and take care of it for the future. Thanks to it, every Pole over 40 will be able to perform a package of diagnostic tests.

We encourage you to take advantage of the examinations in the CM Luxmed facilities in Lublin voivodship.
Tests will be done quickly, conveniently and safely. Although the programme lasts until the end of December this year. - do not delay with Free Prophylaxis!

More information about the programme: read more