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doctor Kotlińska-Torończyk MagdalenaParty schedule, business card
The doctor gives TELEPORT

Take advantage of the Doctor's Teleportation!

The doctor will call you!
During the telephone consultation , the doctor will carry out an interview, consult the tests (also from non-Luxmed clinics), issue an e-prescription, e-referral, e-exemption depending on the need.
Wait for contact from the doctor!
He will call you within 1 hour of your booked appointment.

To book a Teleporada - log in or create a free account in Luxmed.

Selected facility:
Laser Beauty Rejuve - photo-rejuvenation  
Laser Beauty Rejuve - treatment of erythema  
Laser Beauty Rejuve - acne treatment  
Laser Beauty Rejuve - removal of discolouration  
Laser Beauty Rejuve - closure of blood vessels on the face or décolleté  
CO2 laser - photorejuvenation, reduction of scars and stretch marks  
Needle mesotherapy  
Platelet rich plasma  
ENT counselling 130.00 zł
ENT care for children 130.00 zł
Otolaryngology teleportation 104.00 zł
Otolaryngology teleporad for children 104.00 zł
Filling of nasolabial furrows  
Filling in the lips  
Filling in the lion's wrinkle