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Gąsowska-Giszczak Urszula, MDParty schedule, business card
The doctor gives TELEPORT

Take advantage of the Doctor's Teleportation!

The doctor will call you!
During the telephone consultation , the doctor will carry out an interview, consult the tests (also from non-Luxmed clinics), issue an e-prescription, e-referral, e-exemption depending on the need.
Wait for contact from the doctor!
He will call you within 1 hour of your booked appointment.

To book a Teleporada - log in or create a free account in Luxmed.

Selected facility:
Colposcopy with gynaecological consultation 250.00 zł
CO2 laser - aesthetic gynaecology  
Gynaecological-obstetrics consultation 130.00 zł
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Teleportation 104.00 zł